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Hey there! I’m Caren Hope, a social media marketing consultant living and loving life in Norway. I am passionate about helping others. Everyday, I help brands, businesses, and organisations reach their ideal audience through social media.

I love spending time in the mountains and just stare at nature, or lie down at the beach and watch the sun set. I’m interested in fashion, skin care, and everything that has to do with communication; books, magazine, newspapers, TV shows, movies, documentaries, and the like.

I took up Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines Cebu. I have interned as a lifestyle writer for local newspaper Sun.Star Cebu. I  also did an internship at a TV station as a news reporter and several radio stations as a radio news reporter. I was a radio disc jock or radio announcer for 93.9 iFM Cebu. Most people know me then as Rhian Rhymes.

I spend most of my time helping brands, businesses, and organisations promote their products and services through social media marketing. Helping brands reach their ideal audience through social media is both an honor and a privilege. I am grateful I get to help others everyday.

In my quiet days you can find me either at home watching TV or out in some mountain hiking with my Viking friends. I love taking time off to travel within Norway and around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.


social media marketing consultant l carenshope


As a social media marketing consultant, I get the opportunity to work with brands, businesses, and organisations on a daily basis. On this blog, I share the things I’ve learned (and learning) in this process in hopes that it will help you navigate your social media journey better. I want to help you to not only use social media but to use it to reach your ideal audience.



Allow me to share with you some stories about our adventures in this beautiful (and cold) country we call HOME. Also expect the occasional travel stories from around the world.


social media marketing consultant l carenshope


Each of us has a mission to fulfil every day and every season, wherever we are. I want to help you discover your purpose and fulfil your mission in life. I am also advocating living a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

I’m so excited to get to know you and get started on this journey together. Join my mailing list now and let’s share life together.

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