Ski with me!

Ski during Påske! Easter in Norway is not only a time to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ but also a season for joyous traditions such as skiing.

Skiing as we know today is different from what it was back in the day. In Norway, it used to be a means of getting around. Through the years, it has moved from being a means of transportation to the sport that it is now, as well as an activity of pure, social fun.

From fall through spring, ski trails all over the country are laid out, constructed and maintained with a device dragged from the back of a skiddo. It feels like sliding along tram lines in the snow and the trails look like this:

My then-fiance now husband brought me skiing in January last year. That was my first time to ski in Norway and I had a lot of fun, even though I was falling half the time.

By the time I got my balance, we were almost done. So I was so excited to ski again this Easter. A few days before Easter, however, I injured myself.

I thought I had to wait for winter before I can ski again. But the Lord has been so gracious that by the time my husband had some time off from work, there was still some snow left for us to ski. Hooray!

I can’t believe how much I’ve improved from the first time I ski. Last year, I was struggling to keep my balance half the time, but now I haven’t fallen a single time. I walked and slide like I’ve been doing it my entire life. I think it just needs some getting used to.

Skiing is actually really fun. And it is a good exercise too.

The basics of cross country skiing are fairly simple. And the equipment that you need are fairly basic; the skis, boots, and poles. I’ll show you more of this in the video that I will upload on my next blog. For today, I’m sharing with you some pictures from our ski trip.

on the way to the starting point.
we have arrived and I’m so excited.

Here we go…

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i am really skiing. yes, i am.
But then I got sooo tired…
maybe I will just sleep here.
maybe I will just sleep here.
I see the sign.
some helpful information at the pit stop.
some helpful information at the pit stop.
finally, we have arrived at the cabin.
So happy we made it. Yay!
So happy we made it. Yay!
with the best travel buddy and definitely best skiing buddy. ;)
with the best travel buddy and definitely best skiing buddy. 😉

On this blog, I uploaded some videos and more pictures from DAY TWO of our ski trip. Let me know what you think on Instagram!


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