On my way to Norway!

Visa, Norway

Yes, I’m going on a short trip to the land of the Vikings this Christmas season.

Honestly, I don’t have money. I did not spend for any of this. And I will not spend till I get back.

This trip has been a prayer of mine for a really long time that I almost lost hope that it will ever come true. And just as I was on the brink of giving up, someone’s generosity will allow me to visit such a beautiful country.

Ålesund Norway Postcard

People have been telling me to do this and that when I’m there.

Take a picture of Aurora Borealis.

Go to this and that.

Catch a snowflake.


Bring back chocolates.


Etc etc.

It was crazy. All the expectations. It was overwhelming.

But it was also nice to know that people cared enough to say those things, which all meant one thing–they want me to enjoy!

So, I’ve decided to just go and enjoy the trip. Come what may. Enjoy and embrace what comes. No expectations. Snow or no snow, I will enjoy this vacation.

I’m going there not on my account so who am I to demand to see this or experience that when the trip itself is a gift in itself.

I’ve prayed for this for so long and now that this is here, all I’m going to do is enjoy and appreciate every little thing.

Also, I’ve decided to be grateful. It is after all the season to be grateful.



Yes, I am sooo excited.

See you soon, Alesund! 😉

Ålesund Norway, Postcard


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