Loyalty Is…

#LoyaltyIs being faithful to who you are and who you love.

One of the things I’ve learned in elementary science that I will never forget is that change is constant. I’ve since then accepted that change is inevitable, that people change, and things change.

Loyalty is remaining true to who I am as a person regardless of the changes. Some things will change, like my looks, my income, my address, and a lot more. Whatever that is, I will remain loyal to me, to who I am, and I know I’ll always be me.

Every time I am faced with decisions, I always go back to my roots. I see to it that whatever I choose to do, I don’t change who I am.

They say, change for the better is good. I agree to that, but only when a person changes to become better versions of themselves. I am changing, so I will be a better Filipino, a better daughter, a better wife. However, I am still me, and I’ll always be me. I’ll never be somebody else despite the changes.

The motivation should always be to become a better version of us, not better like someone else, nor better to be loved by someone else.

LoyaltyIs being faithful to who you are and who you love.

I just learned a few years ago, that change is also part of being in a relationship. I change because I adjust to his needs.

When we started dating, it was long distance (it still is as of this writing), so I have to be online at least 16 hours a day (while he is awake), because that’s how we can talk or chat. I’m not used to being online constantly, but I am now because of him. But that doesn’t change the core of who I am as person. I may be online to talk to him, but I am still connected to the outside world.

I change and I am changing, but the Caren he knew and fell in love with is still here and the same.

And I’m sure it’s the same for him. He adjusts to me too, so he is changing. I love him then, and I love him now. And I will love him tomorrow, next month, in ten years, every single day of my life.

LoyaltyIs being faithful to who you are and who you love.

Loyalty is remaining true to who you promised to love, in thought and in deed, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or worse.

When I said those things on my wedding day, I meant every word. I’m sure every bride or groom do. I hope and pray that we don’t only say them because it’s customary or because we are told to do so, but more so because we want to really do them, to stick with our spouse whatever happens.

LoyaltyIs being faithful to who you are and who you love.

That’s what loyalty is. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. No matter what the future brings, l will remain loving and in love with my handsome husband. Whatever the change I will face, as I will, I will remain loyal to me, to who I am, and I will remain loyal to him.

Loyalty is being faithful to the present and the future.

LoyaltyIs being faithful to who you are and who you love.

Photography: Rainbowfish

Location: Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa, Philippines.



I chose these photos because Shangri-la is very dear to me as it is where we got married and had our first honeymoon. *blushing*


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