Happy Mother’s Day! To mom with love from Norway

Happy Mother's Day! Greet your mother today. She deserves it. | carenshope.com

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! Happy Mother’s Day MOM! With love from Norway because I couldn’t be there with you on mother’s day (though I’d really want to. Please hug my mom if you see her on Sunday ????). By the way, it is not mother’s day in Norway, but it is in the Philippines where my mother is based right now. Thus, this cheesy post.

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your life!

I’ll always thank God for you. Your sacrifices and endless love for me is nothing short of unconditional. Ever since I can remember, your life has been dedicated to making mine super awesome. I’ll always thank you for that. Thank you for all these and (definitely) more;

  • Taking care of meMy mom has always been my biggest fan and number one supporter. Thanks, mom! Happy mother's day! | carenshope.com
  • Sending me to good schools
  • Providing for all my needs
  • Praying constantly for me
  • Making sure I have good values

You have given so much of you for me. Most of the time you reason that that’s because you’re my mom. But the way I see and feel it, it’s more than just that. You take care of me, provide for me, and send me to good schools, because you want the best for me. Even if sometimes it would mean sacrificing what you want so we can pay for my tuition. Thank you, mom!

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for your love!

It’s through you that I began to first understand what love is.

  • You are so patient with me
  • You were my first teacher
  • You were always my tutor (especially in Math)
  • You are my prayer warrior
  • You always support me in everything that I do and in all that I choose to do
  • You have given me freedom
  • You always encourage me to soar higher and chase my dreams
  • You have always believed in me
  • You don’t mind staying up late to make sure I have well ironed uniforms the next day
  • You are always there for me, the wins, the losses, the bad, and the good.
    • Number 1 fan when I was a radio disc jock
    • Most hardworking supporter and assistant in all my declamation and oration contests
    • Greatest critic

#throwback I couldn't believe I looked like this and my mom still loved me. :D | carenshope.comHappy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being a good role model!

  • My mom giving my medal when I graduated high school. Did you also have ceremonies like this in your high school? High school graduation rocks! | carenshope.comPrayer
    • You taught me not by words but by deeds that praying is not only about asking God for things but it’s a relationship, it’s talking to God and listening to Him. I always see your praying, and I witnessed your joy when they were answered.
  • ChristianThank you so much for following God, loving Him each day, and obeying Him no matter what the cost. I can see now that that is what I have to do as well.
    • Thank you for telling me to always seek God first. Thank you for seeking God first.
  • Good wifeYou are always so patient and loving to Tatay (my stepdad). I saw you fight with him and for him. I witnessed how you submitted to him, took care of him, prayed for him, and supported him. And in all that, I prayed that I become as awesome as you are.
  • Living a healthy life
    • You never ate junk foods, or any processed food for that matter. And though you occasionally allowed me to, you always educated me of the negative effects they give to my body.
    • You don’t drink soft drinks. Water is the healthiest drink, you said? I always thought you were KJ (Kill Joy). I know now that you were right all along. I’m sorry I even thought about that.
    • You encourage eating veggies and all other healthy food.
    • You exercise (and bribe me with food just so I’ll jog with you)

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, MOM! YOU ARE THE GREATEST! YOU ARE THE BEST! If I write down all that you do for me and all that I’m grateful for, this post is definitely not enough. You have done soooo so much for me. I’m probably not even aware of half of what you do. (I never even knew you were constantly praying for me until I was 20). THANK YOU, MOM! Really, thank you for being an awesome mom. I pray everyday that when I become a mom, I get to be half as awesome as you are. ????

Happy Mother's Day! To my mom in the Philippines. With love from Norway. <3 Have you greeted your mom already? Go go go! | carenshope.com

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! This is the nth time I mentioned it in this post. For emphasis. ???? Nah, because this is the only time I get to greet you without being too cheesy or crazy. Hey, I’m supposed to greet you everyday. Because every single second you never fail to rock at being a mother, a best friend, and a sister. I hope you enjoyed raising me. ????

Happy Mother’s Day MOM! With Love from Norway,
???? Caren

How about you? Have you greeted (or hugged) your mom yet? Tell us in the comments below how you plan on spending mother’s day!


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