3 Reasons Why We Love ARV

ARV is an affordable Norwegian luxury brand. They sell really nice coats! | carenshope.com

ARV is an AFFORDABLE Norwegian luxury brand that create clothes that represent purity, quality, and comfort. I truly admire, believe in, and love this brand. Here are the three reasons why we love ARV.*

A Family Legacy

In Norwegian, the word ARV actually means heritage or LEGACY.  In 1926, their maternal great-grandfather, Olav Tomren started his own clothing factory. He named it Tomren Fabrikker (Tomren Factory) which then became one of Norway’s leading brands. They had 24 flagship stores around Norway and one in Copenhagen.

Olav was educated as a tailor. Their factory designed and made clothing for both men and women. They were especially known for their coats for women, that ultimately became a large export to Sweden as well.

However, when Norway opened up for import, the whole Norwegian fashion industry got badly affected leading to the closing of Tomren Factory in 1978. From the moment Tomren Factory started, it has always involved the whole family, and this inspired the women behind ARV to continue their great-grandfather’s legacy.

ARV. an AFFORDABLE Norwegian luxury brand that sells coats for women ONLINE. Click now to know more about ARV or save for later.

Rock Star Women Entrepreneurs

I’ve always admired women entrepreneurs. For me, they’re rock stars. My mom has been a businesswoman since she was 16. Her father believed in her. He taught her everything she knows about running a business.

In turn, she taught me some. I’m not an entrepreneur though (or at least not yet ????), but I admire women entrepreneurs. The owners of ARV are three rock star women. Yep. THREE WOMEN. Again, I’ll repeat, WOMEN own this company. Three sisters, or well two sisters and their sister-in-law. They are Elisabeth Alnes Stavik, 26 years old (sister); Maria Berggren, 29 years old (sister); and Trine Hege Sæle Alnes, 26 years old (sister-in-law).

Isn’t it nice to see young women kicking butt? The three of them has once again confirmed that women are just as good at running a business. Come on, girls, am I right or am I right?

Congratulations to the three of you. You have proven that women are kicking butt in the fashion world, and not only in the runway.????

According to these women, the most important thing that they carry on from their great-grandfather is their values. They always aim for quality rather than quantity. They make sure that they have a good relationship with their workers who make their coats in Poland.

It also important for them that the fabrics are of good quality as well. They use natural fibers such as wool, virgin wool, alpaca, mohair, and some nylon. Most of the fabrics are from Italy. And of course, they also make sure that the coats are aesthetically good.

A coat that's good for EVERYDAY use and SPECIAL OCCASIONS. At an AFFORDABLE price, you get a HIGH QUALITY coat. Isn't that awesome? Click now and get to know ARV or save for later. | carenshope.com
Michaela Potterbaum @kaylapotterbaum

Very Affordable Luxury

I’ve already mentioned that I love affordable clothes. The thing in Norway though is that most stores sell expensive items because they have to pay their people well. That’s a good thing, labor-wise (human rights-wise, too). And I have always admired them for that.

But because of that, the customers pay a higher price for items that could have been much cheaper. So in the recent years, more and more companies have started to sell ONLY ONLINE. By doing that, they are saving money and giving that savings to their buyers. We, as buyers, then buy cheaper items.


And that’s what I like about buying items online. It’s cheaper. It’s the same with ARV. They offer the same high quality luxury coats at a cheaper price because they only sell online.

Good looking coats that you can wear everyday or on special occasions that is HIGH QUALITY and AFFORDABLE. Click now to know more about ARV or save for later. | carenshope.com
Michaela Potterbaum @kaylapotterbaum

If they sell their products in traditional retail stores, the prices increase up to 6x by the time they reach us – customers. So by leaving the traditional store and only selling online, they eliminate unnecessary build up expenses from production until the products are available for us. And these savings are passed on to us. Isn’t that amazing?

I want to wear something that’s of really good quality but I never want to spend much. I’ve never worn a coat in the Philippines (if you don’t know, it’s a tropical country so it’s REALLY HOT). So even before I moved here, I’ve been looking into good quality coats that are affordable and sustainable. If you’re like me, then ARV might be the right fit for you too.

ARV makes sure that we don’t have to pay more than we have to. They believe that this change is for our benefit as customers which is awesome. I commend ARV for their bravery in deciding to only sell online. I believe that this bold move is going to make their great-grandfather proud. And it will take them, their product, and their vision to much greater heights.


Since they’re available online, ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world can purchase their item. If you’re concerned about shipping, they offer FREE SHIPPING AND RETURN WITHIN NORWAY. If you don’t live in Norway, you can still get FREE SHIPPING if you order more than  4 000 NOK. For more information on their shipping and returns policy, you can visit their website.


The coats that they are selling work for both daily use and for those special occasions. And they are comfortable, unique in design, and timeless. And this is another thing I love about ARV, their designs are sustainable. It means that the coats can be used many times for many years (and even many generations).

Excited to shop now? Head on over to arvdesign.no and start shopping!

ARV is a Norwegian brand selling really awesome coats. Here are the top three reasons why I love ARV. | carenshope.com

I am hoping that the young people of our generation would follow the footsteps of the ARV women. Just like them, let’s be brave. The world is ours to dream, sky is the limit. Let’s follow our dreams, reach for the stars, get out of our comfort zones, and make our parents (grandparents and even great-grandparents) proud.

I encourage everyone to honor their family’s legacy today and everyday, whether that be in politics, academe, business, or wherever that may be. Let us honor our parents (grandparents, great-grandparents) today and everyday for the rest of our lives!


What do you think of rock star young women entrepreneurs like them? Do you know anyone as badass as they are? Share her (or their) story in the comments below!


*This post is not in any way sponsored nor paid for by the company.


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